Retractable Awnings by Corradi

So far we’ve been talking about transformative structures and large sweeping changes. Perhaps instead you’re looking for something a little less intrusive. Certainly a little coup de grace, is all you need. That’s where Retractable Arm Awnings come into place. Italian designed luxury for the coziest of spaces, Corradi’s Retractable Arm Awnings are the perfect solution for wanting to enhance their outdoor living destinations while still maintaining a minimal profile.

Limitless Spaces
With retractable arm awnings there are no large pillars or supporting structures obstructing your view. They can be mounted onto existing walls or the roof and operable by a manual or motorized arm system, allowing you full creative use of your open space. Corradi’s retractable arm awnings can truly transform a place. The finishing touch is often overlooked, but just as cake is never complete without icing, a patio is never complete without shade.

Style & Personality
We offer a variety of systems and fabrics for every type of project to match the style you want. Our award winning Shan retractable arm cassette awning is particularly noted for its modern and inconspicuous architectural style. The lines of its box cassette blend in so seamlessly that the structure becomes an extension of the building it is attached to. The Svet on the other hand allows its owner to make a bold statement on the beauty of simplicity. Combining customizability and the ease of Retractable Arm Awnings, our patented systems offer an unrivaled solution for outdoor cafes, bars and even backyard patios.

Solar Protection
A Retractable Arm Awning will provide you protection from the harsh rays of the sun, ensuring that you or your guests spend more time outdoors.Give them a reason to stay outside with solace from the relentless heat of the sun that usually drives everyone indoors. There are even sun/wind/rain sensors are available to protect your awning and your outdoor space from the elements by allowing it to automatically retract or extend, based on weather conditions. Even for larger spaces of up to 40′ wide that need sun protection, the EVO & EVO SC awnings are the perfect option. These patented designs have pushed the boundaries of what is possible, allowing for a stunning amount of shade coverage without sacrificing utility or appearance.

Essentially, if you can dream it we can build it. Corradi’s Italian designed and American made pieces are perfect for turning your outdoor spaces into destinations. Help us make your dreams a reality.