Window Treatment Design in San Diego, CA

Every design detail in a home or business is a way to enhance the overall look of the space. When you are looking for a way to improve the atmosphere in every room, upgrading your window treatment design is an easy way to achieve your dream décor. At Lessler’s Draperies and Design, we offer a series of services for home and business owners throughout San Diego, CA. With a new window treatment installation, you will enhance the overall aesthetic of your interior and exterior spaces. Turn to us to create a truly unique look for any room.

A Custom Window Treatment Installation

Window coverings should be both fashionable and functional. While a stylish covering ties in well with existing décor, a practical covering allows you to control the amount of light allowed in, as well as to block sun and UV rays. When both function and fashion are achieved, your interior design scheme is improved, your space remains cooler, and your energy costs are lowered.

Choose the perfect feature for every part of your home or business when you turn to our window treatment designers. Because we create each product to fit your specifications, you can trust that your new window treatment design will only enhance the atmosphere in your rooms.

Our team of contractors designs custom window coverings and treatments based on your expectations in appearance, performance, and budget. By relying on our proven expertise, clients take advantage of a custom window cover design for a variety of different products.

Unique Creations from Our Window Treatment Designers

We make it easy for clients to get the perfect window treatments. Our locally-owned business makes your happiness our first priority. The technicians on staff work with you throughout the process, guaranteeing you are pleased with the final product.

Whether you are looking for a new covering for one room or your entire building, our window treatment designers have the top options for your space. Each of our products is custom made, and you will never find our designs at your local hardware store. From the fabrics in your treatments to the style of the rods, every detail is crafted by our team. We offer a variety of distinctive creations, including the following:


Contact us to choose the details of your window treatment design. We proudly perform a custom window treatment installation in homes and businesses throughout all of San Diego County and parts of Orange and Los Angeles Counties.